Everything we do is about improving the performance of each individual player.

Good soccer starts with player development

Alliance FC’s philosophy and programming start and end with player development.

Philosophy on Soccer

The philosophy of Alliance is to provide a program that promotes the development of high quality players to the next level, whether it is the Development Academy, or College Soccer. The Alliance has been true to their philosophy of enabling the growth of young soccer players and developing their skills both on and off the field. It is not about winning at the younger age groups. It is about the process of developing players for the next level.

The Alliance is a culture created for the high-­‐level player, passionate about becoming a better soccer player. Every player is internally motivated to reach his or her ambition in the game of soccer.
The Alliance philosophy is not just a way of developing each player on the field, but a way of preparing each player for every day life decisions. The Alliance player will develop life skills through creativity, hard work, humility, leadership and social skills.

Philosophy on Players

The Alliance looks for players that meet the player profile of the academy. A complete player must possess a high standard of technique, mental strength, physical superiority, and tactical knowledge of the game. Many players do not naturally possess all of these qualities, but should excel in at least two of them for initial selection.

The Alliance is working to develop a player that is…..

  • Respectful to oneself, teammates, coaches and of the game of soccer
  • A Leader by example on and off the field
  • Responsible for his or her actions
  • A player with a strong personality to make his or her own decisions
  • Internally motivated
  • Technically and Physically in optimal condition
  • Intelligent

The Alliance is working to develop a player that has…..

  • Emotional control
  • A training behavior that is contagious.
  • The personality to be creative with the ball in the attack
  • The energy to make hard runs to create plays
  • The discipline to transition on both sides of the ball
  • The mentality to defeat the opponent in 1v1 situations
  • The hunger and blue-­‐collar work ethic to defend

Philosophy on Teaching

The teaching philosophy of Alliance is player-­‐centered. The coach will work hard to provide the players with the necessary tools and challenges to develop, and is responsible for creating a training environment that provides the content of the game. From there, our responsibility is to help our players learn to ask questions, be motivated to become students of the game, and ultimately to help them become problem solvers. Coaches should facilitate, ask questions and help educate the players’ minds in order to come to an agreement in situations of misunderstanding.
Our belief is each player has the potential of being unique. The coach may demand moments of focus, proper technique, transition, and energy from the player, however, when it comes to decision making, the player is challenged with the idea of solving themselves.

The goal of our philosophy is to develop a creative and intelligent player with a blue-­‐collar work ethic and mentality. The coach must understand the age group they are teaching, and learn to see through the player’s eyes. The coach must be patient and allow each player to make plays, good or bad, without penalty. This will give the player the belief he or she can continue to make plays as they see the game. An Alliance coach must believe in this philosophy and apply this philosophy every day, both in training environments and game environments.

Philosophy on Development

Alliance has a philosophy to develop a player from U15 to U19 under the 5 criteria: Technical, Tactical, Mental, Physical and Social. The philosophy used to achieve this is developed for the individual and for the team. Each player will undergo an extensive individual and collective development plan designed to create the best environment to reach his ambitions of playing at the next level.

Individual Plan (Personal Development Plan)

  • Physical (strength, speed, endurance, sleep, nutrition)
  • Technical (control and mastery)
  • Mental (intelligence, strong, competitive personality, leadership, discipline)
  • Collective Plan
  • Tactical (team intelligence, strategy, roles and responsibilities, video analysis)
  • Technical (application of technique in a collective situation)
  • Social (collaboration, communication, education)

Our goal is to have an academy player learn how to be competent in these areas by following the curriculum in 1-­‐2 week modules, age appropriate, both in the fall and spring seasons:• 11v11 philosophy and system of play

Individual and small group principles of play

  • Building out of the back and pressing
  • Switching play in the middle third to advance and defending play in the middle third
  • Transition – Offense to defense
  • Transition – Defense to offense
  • Transition – Maintaining balance as we attack
  • Wide service – attacking
  • Wide service -­‐ defending
  • Finishing zone – mobility and finishing in final third